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Industrial 4 ton x 4.5 inch Pulley Block

$124.00 AUD

This industrial Grade 4 ton pulley block comes with a test plate. Ideal for 10 to 12mm steel or synthetic* cable. Comes powder coated in durable blue finish. It comes with 2 grease nipples on the hook and roller for easy maintenance.

This pulley is suited for commercial use i.e. recovery trucks but can also be used for 4x4's.

Pulley blocks are designed to both increase the capacity of your pull, lessen the amp draw on your electrical system and reduce the speed of your winch for safety. It can also be used to redirect your winch cable for angled pulls.


  • A = 360mm 
  • B = 120mm 
  • C = 45mm
  • D = 85mm
  • E = 35mm
  • F = 30mm
  • G = 115mm
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity = 8800lb (4000kg)
  • Maximum Pulling Capacity = 35,000lb (16,000kg)

* It is important that a pulley with a damaged roller must not be used with a synthetic rope as it could possibly damage the cable.