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Heavy Duty 12v Wireless Control

$58.00 AUD

This heavy duty 12v wireless control handset and receiver box has been designed to be robust and weatherproof making it the ideal choice to convert your solenoid controlled winch to wireless operation. It allows you to work a safe distance away from where you are winching. It comes with an on/off switch and an LED indicator allowing you to avoid unintentional activation.

The simple wiring on this unit allows it to be easily retro fitted to most types of solenoid controlled winches.

Dimensions (see drawing):

  • A = 110mm 
  • B = 65mm 
  • C = 35mm
  • D = 60mm 
  • E = 45mm 
  • F = 22mm
  • G = 220mm
  • Lanyard Length = 500mm

Colour Code:

  • Red = Live
  • Black = Earth
  • White and Yellow = Switched Live (winch in/out)
  • Blue = Aerial (left unconnected)

***Cover may be RED or BLACK***