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12v Solenoid And Housing Up To 4500lb Winches

$83.00 AUD

This universal housing is designed to be used with smaller 12v winches up to 4500lb (2000kg) that use 200amp Solenoids. It can be used to mount the solenoid away from the winch itself. Cabling will need to be extended if you are mounting it away from the winch.

This universal housing is only compatible with permanent magnet motors. Permanent magnet motors are easily identifiable as they have 2 electrical connections on the motor, rather than the 3 connection plus earth terminal found on a series wound motor. Connection simply involves connecting the two short terminals to the positive and negative terminals on the winch and connecting the longer cables directly to the battery. Comes complete with a 3 pin hand control socket. (Hand controls sold separately)

Kit Contains:

  • 12v Solenoid
  • Solenoid Housing
  • Short Positive And Negative Motor Cables
  • Long Positive And Negative Battery Cables