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0.5m x Blue Heat Shrink (for 10mm to 17mm Diameter cable)

$1.60 AUD

Heat shrink tube is used to insulate and provide abrasion resistance for electrical cables. It also helps to colour code cables to make identification easier. This tube shrinks when heated up to 50% of its original size. (for example 18mm tube will shrink when heated to 9mm approx).

Technical Information:

  • Colour = Blue
  • Length = 500mm
  • To Suit Cable Diameter = ⌀10mm to ⌀17mm
  • Round Internal Diameter = ⌀18mm
  • Flat Internal Diameter = 29mm
  • Wall Thickness Before Shrinkage = 0.4mm ± 0.6mm
  • Maximum Shrinkage Ratio = 50%
  • Shrinkage Temperature = 80 degC

* Multiple purchased lengths will be supplied in one length where possible.

* Cable and terminal not included.